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FC AFC Sunny Fields Nike Alpha
Sunny Fields Nike Alpha (Nike)
Magnum's Shake Rattlinroll (Vegas)
Magnum's Shake Rattlinroll (Vegas)

Welcome To Sunny Fields Kennel! We are based out of the Louisville, Kentucky area and pride ourselves in top quality German Shorthair Pointers for the home, hunting field, field trials, and hunt tests. We do have puppies available from time to time but breed for quality not quantity so we do not have puppies all of the time.

The name Sunny Fields Kennel was originally created and used by my father, Art Terstage, Sr., starting in the late 60’s. At the time, he was running and campaigning Field Acres Kennel bred dogs and used the Sunny Fields Kennel name for his own dogs. Once I was born, he pulled back from campaigning dogs to raise a family, but we always had shorthairs.

In late 2001, I convinced my father to start campaigning shorthairs together. He purchased a shorthair, Zeta, to start us “getting back into the game”. Unfortunately, he passed in June of 2002 before he could pass all of his knowledge to me. Soon after my father’s passing, I decided to continue on the Sunny Fields Kennel name. I purchased Nike shortly after and began my own personal journey into birddogs and German Shorthair Pointers.

I am a firm believer that form follows function. I keep conformation standards in mind but also believe breeding stock needs to be proven in the home and in the field. My dogs are hunted on quail, pheasent and chukkar and are campaigned on the AKC, American Field and NGSPA field trail circuits. Field trials are a great way to compare the dogs against other dogs and, more importantly, a great way to make some great friends. As part of supporting the sport, I also judge trials and have become a member of the local and national level German Shorthair Pointer Clubs and All Breed Clubs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. Please look around. If you have any questions or just want to talk about dogs in general, please feel free to email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 216.406.2553. ~Art Terstage

Sunny Fields Aphrodite Beta
Sunny Fields Aprodite Beta (Dee)

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